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 Dragon Nest Launcher Project

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PostSubject: Dragon Nest Launcher Project   Dragon Nest Launcher Project EmptyWed Feb 27, 2013 2:09 pm

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About the Project
What is this?
This project is about making a Dragon Nest Launcher that is fully featured with Dragon Nest hacks. The project is to incorporate most of the applicable hacks in Dragon Nest so you don’t have download hacks after another.

Where’d it come from?
The first program was actually started by xkhen0017 the one who made the DLL Trainer and Patcher. I wrote my own launcher by adding my own easier to use features to it.

Where do I download the launcher?
The program can be downloaded at the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Frequently Asked Questions
What does it do?
It allows you to play dragon nest in multiple clients and has the option to use a trainer.

Do I need to put server IP and Port?
No, the program automatically connects to the DNSea server to ask for the IP and Port so you don’t have to setup anything.

What’s the Trainer on and off for?
Sometimes I want to play without the trainer (like on my main char) so you can turn the trainer on and off when ever you want.

What happened to the patcher?
You don't need it anymore. The trainer was remade so you don't need to do anything to the client and multiclient would still work.

Whats the Alt + Q Hotkey for?
Ever since SDN times we always do the exit game method to save ourselves when our mates can't reach us especially when we get caught in Ice Age . We'll this hotkey forcefully terminates the active DN process so you don't need to use Exit Game anymore. It's a bit helpful when doing SDN/GDN or when your client hangs on you.

Trainer - xkhen0017
Launcher ,This all whole thing in this thread - enyu
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Dragon Nest Launcher Project
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