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PostSubject: TEAM BATTLE GUIDE   TEAM BATTLE GUIDE EmptyWed Feb 27, 2013 6:33 pm

Team Battle
Well guys when you play the game you have noticed all the skill player's often play play Team Battle.This is actually as this mode let's you know about your skill's with the gun's as well as your strategies that you make.
There are some tip's that might just help you out :
1)Try carrying a sniper may be because most of the Team Battle map's are huge and you need some thing to shoot your enemy in a far of distance.But which sniper? Well i think it would be the PSG because it enable's continuous shots and you can kill more people at a stretch
2)Always follow your team mate.It is because your team mates are the one who are going to cover you from the enemies as you are sniping.
3)But you can also use a primary weapon such as the AK74,FN FAL, M4A1(THE BEST)
4)Always make sure when oyu have the sniper you maintain a huge gape from your enemy.
5)Before completing your objective make sure you have cover by your team mates
6)Well what if you are alone?I suggest you better hide until the time gets over
This is all I have for "Team Battle"

More useful Tips...

Listen – Always listen to footsteps or gunshots. Use a earphone or speakers to hear better. Often, you can hear footsteps really far away and you can make out where the enemy is. For example, you might hear sounds of metal, that means they are in the warehouse.(shanghai)
Concentrate – Alot of people die because they are not concentrating on what is going on around them. To help you concentrate, ask yourself these questions:
When did I last see an enemy?
Was he/she with another enemy?
When did you last hear footsteps?
Where is the enemy?
Where are my teammates?
How many teammates are left?
How far away are my teammates to me?
Am I closer to the objective or is the enemy?
How much hp am I on?
How much ammo am I on?
Should I reload?
What is the best way to do this?
How many wins is the game?
How many wins has the opposite team got?
How many wins has my team got?
Read more in Soldier Front
« Snipers: Guns on Soldier FrontSoldier Front Start-up Guide »
All these questions will help you to concentrate better therefor improving your skills. When you are playing, just have a little think about them.
Aim – Aiming is a very important part. It is also a very tricky part. I have been tricked many times myself. Make sure you are aiming correctly and not shooting randomly. Do not aim for the head if you are a sprayer, and assume you will get a headshot. In fact, most of the times you will either miss, or you will hit the Enemy’s Head but it does not kill them. You have a limited amount of shots for a sniper weapon and the reload is quite slow. So do not rush your aim.
Use your team – Your teammates are there to help you. Team work is an essential part of a team battle. You can work with your teammates easily. After you die, you can plan with your team ways and tactics to beat the other team,next game. You can get them to follow you and protect you whilst you snipe. Or you can follow a teammate and spray with him. Another good way is to also check how far your teammates are, using the nameshow. You can estimate where they are , therefor you know there is no enemy there. For example, you are in the office window. You do not know if there is an enemy in the warehouse. However, if you see a nameshow showing your teammate around the warehouse or inside it, chances are that there is no enemy around the area.
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